3D printer DIY learning package injection version of delta parallel arm Kossel pulley version vertical print Reviews

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Product Description

This is a DIY kit which includes all the parts to print. Step by step videos are provided to show you how to assemble the machine. 


Body size: width 30cm height 68cm

Colour of the printer: black

Weight: about 8 kg

Print size: base: 180mm height: 350mm

Recommended temperature: 200 degrees 

Printing layer thickness: 0.05-0.4mm

Printing speed: 20-100mm/s

Print accuracy: 0.005mm

Connection: USB/SD card

LCD screen: 20 x 4 character

Control board: mega2560

Power: DC 12V/60W

Material type:  1.75mm (PLA, ABS, nylon)


This printer is not only of high quality, but also with a very competitive price. We have resellers from the US, Australia, Turkey and Japan. If you are a reseller from oversseas, please contact me for more discounts. We are looking forward to have a long term business with you.

There is no need to use a hot bed to print PLA. However, for those who want to print ABS, you will be charged an extra small fee for a hot bed. Please consult us for the details.

We can offer consumables such as PLA and ABS and combine the shipping fee. Please contact us for the price if you want consumables to post with the machine.

We will post your item via fast postage. However, if you want to use other delivery service, we can also arrange for you. Please aware that it is the buyers' responsbility to pay their custom tax if there is any.

For people who live in Russia and Belarus, please contact us with your address before you buy.

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What makes you to buy this printer?


This is the new version of an auto level extruder. First, it has a specific advanced cooling fan attached with the special design of a double air path. The material can be cooled down instantly after exiting from an extruder. This can avoid the collapse of the artwork because of pressure or lack of support in order to obtain the best result. 

Second, unlike the other printer, doing the fast print, it does not take time to wait for the last layer to cool down so to continue the next layer. This can make the printing process faster. 

Third, we have improved the auto level. A spring attached can make the extruder bounce to the position perfectly. Last, a high quality plastic set made by injection molding can enhance the degree of accuracy. 


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These plastic pieces are all produced by injection molding, which has very high strength, high duration and unbreakable. Pieces must be perfectly identical with no errors which can ensure the printer to have high degree of accuracy and stability.

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A userfriendly 3D printer board has different shapes of plug utilized to ensure a user does not connect wires in the wrong or opposite way. For your safety, plugs are of 4pin, 3pin, 2pin and different colors. This can also avoid any damage or burn to the board caused by the wrong connections. DRV8825 instead of A4988 is utilized, which can give a better accuracy and performance to the printer.

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There are three layers of box used to the package to make sure the safety during the delivery process. Screws are in separate bags based on their types.

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Be aware that we do not post glue to overseas, since liquid forms of any sort is not allowed to deliver. 





Photos below are all from our customers. If you also want to share your artwork, please send me photos so I can post up here. 

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Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150414032816


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Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150518092922Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150518092932Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150518092954Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150518093011Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150521225209Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150521225252Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150521225445


For more information:

This 3D printer DIY kit can be upgraded to the linear guide rail instead of pulley.


Contact me if you want 500 gram or 1kg of PLA. We can combine the shipping cost and post them to you togehter with your printer. 



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